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Washing your hair color out

Washing out your organic hair color

Our hair color paste is like a color and mud pack treatment in one. This means we need to wash it out differently to your regular commercial colours. Here are some tips to washing your color paste out.

  • First rinse your hair and massage it under the running water. Use your gloves if you dont want to stain your nails.

  • When you have massaged for a bit and the water colour is now less muddy and more of a brown clear colour. Take some conditioner and massage it through the length of your hair. This will help to release the particles. You can repeat this step if needed.

  • If you are happy to use just conditioner you can then rinse until the water is clear, then dry and style as usual.

  • If you prefer to get all the bits out, you can condition as mentioned above, rinse your hair until the water runs clear, then shampoo your hair and condition again.

  • You may find that there is still some residue left in your hair after the initial wash out. Dont worry, this will go away once you have washed your hair again. You can choose to leave it until your next wash, or if it is bothering you just wash your hair again the next day until the residue is gone. Use the condition, shampoo, condition method.

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