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Preparing your hair for coloring

How to color your hair at home with Desert Shadow organic hair dye

These tips are important for people who want to cover grey hair. If you don't follow these tips you will still get a color result, it just might not be the full color result.

prepare your hair for colouring

Let's take a look at preparing your hair for your color treatment.

By adding these simple steps to your hair coloring routine you will achieve successful results.

1. Wash your hair before coloring.

Natural oils, leave in treatments & styling products can interfere with your hair color uptake. This is important if you are wanting to cover grey hair. You can choose to wash your hair the day before or immediately prior to applying your organic hair color. Use shampoo but only condition the ends. Shampooing twice if you have oily hair may be useful.

If you decide to wash your hair immediately before coloring, make sure you towel dry your hair as much as possible or dry off a little bit with the hair dryer. Damp hair is good for application, wet hair is not. Your hair doesn't have to be completely dry but we don't want it to be wet because this will make the hair color paste drip and run.

If your hair is naturally oily, wash it immediately before applying your color paste.

color resistant grey hair - If you find your hair is not taking the color even after following these steps you may need to use our Pre Colour Wash bar which helps to prepare your hair for maximum color uptake. This product should only be used if you have color resistant hair and you will need to use the Apple Cider vinegar when mixing your hair color. You can read more about the pre colour wash bar here.

2. Comb your hair before applying the color.

Removing any knots or tangles before applying your color will make things easier. The method we use of sectioning the hair and using a tinting brush is quick and easy but may be difficult if you have tangles in your hair.

3. Avoid hair products with silicones.

Silicones are bad for your hair and bad for our waterways. They are found in many shampoos and conditioners and can be identified by having 'icone' at the end of the ingredients name - a couple of examples are Dimethicone & Trimethicone. There are others too and you will now be able to spot them straight away. We suggest you rid your life of these altogether.


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