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How to make your hair color smell amazing

Divine hair color

If you have used our hair colors before you will be familiar of that earthy smell they have. They are made with plants and are 100% natural, so our colors smell a bit different to your regular chemical ones. The smell can be described as a mix between cut grass, dried up forrest leaves and earth. I personally like the smell but I can understand that some people might not feel the same way as I do. We have some suggestions on how to alter the smell of your hair color paste using natural ingredients.

  • Use the mixed spice sachet that is provided in your hair color pack. This contains spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, star anise and cardamom. It will leave your hair smelling like a christmas cake.

  • Use floral water when mixing your hair color paste. Rose water adds a beautiful fragrance and is suitable for sensitive skin. Make sure you buy a good quality, natural one. You may want to dilute it with water if the rose smell is a little too rosy. I usually do a 3 parts rose to 7 parts water. You can also use orange blossom water. NOTE: If you are using a brown shade. Mix the floral water with the step 1 and use only water for the step 2.

  • Add a few drops of essential oil to your mix. 2 to 5 drops will be enough to give your mix an extra sweet fragrance *Lavender angustifolia is good for relaxing and soothing for the scalp, *Geranium is sweet and helps to balance the mind and body, *Rosemary helps stimulate the circulation and promote healthy hair growth. *Jasmine gives an amazing smell and has been used for centuries to fragrance the hair.

*Please be aware of contraindications before using essential oils they are strong and may not be suitable for everyone. If you suffer from health conditions or are pregnant please consult your doctor before using any essential oils. Essential oils are very potent and must be used in very small doses with respect and caution.

So there we go!

You can be an alchemist at home in your kitchen with your organic hair color. All you need can be found in your cupboard at the local market or your local organic store.

Let us know what you use to enhance the smell of your hair!

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