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How to prepare for root touch ups

Once you have acheived a nice, rich color from using our hair dyes you will only need to do root touch ups and then maybe a full application every 4th or 5th time to maintain a vibrant healthy color. Each color is different so, just like any recipe it is important to get the proportions right. This way you can achieve a consistent colour and get the most treatments out of your pack which will save you money.

organic hair color mixing

Blonde, Reds & Indigo

These ones you mix as you need so you can choose to equally portion out the pack or just estimate.

  • half pack for long or thick hair root touch ups

  • 3rds for shorter hair root touch ups

  • Seal the un-mixed powder in an airtight container or zip bag and store for next time.

Brown colours

These ones you will notice you have two packs, each pack weighs a different amount. By mixing these two packs you will achieve a color result similar to that on the front of the box.

To get the proportions and color right, you will need to:

  • weigh each pack with some digital kitchen scales and then divide them each directly in half.

  • Mix one half as per instructions and apply to your hair (be sure to reduce th liquid measurements accordingly)

  • Seal the un-mixed portion of each powder sachet in an air tight container or zip bag and store for next time

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