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Pre colour WASH BAR - This product is recommmended for colour uptake on people with stubborn grey hair.

Our organic colour wash BAR will give your hair a talking to and make sure it takes that colour! It has been formulated with organic oils and green clay to cleanse the hair and scalp, making it squeeky clean before colouring. It will assist with colour uptake and is designed to be used in conjunction with your Desert Shadow Hair colour that has been activated with Apple Cider Vinegar solution.

Pre colour organic WASH BAR - for stubborn greys

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  • Wash your hair with the pre colour wash bar just before colouring your hair. Concentrate on the roots, creating a rich lather. 

    Rinse clean and towel dry your hair, then immediately apply your Desert Shadow Hair colour that has been activated with Apple Cider vinegar solution.



    * not intended to be used as an every day shampoo/wash, only as a pre wash treatment before using Desert Shadow hair colour activated with Apple Cider vinegar.

    * Use this product immediately before applying your Desert Shadow hair colour treatment. Do not use unless colouring immediately.

    * Avoid contact with eyes

    * do not use more than once a month to avoid drying the hair ends

  • *Olive oil, *Coconut oil, H2O, Lye, *Cocoa Butter, *Sesame oil, Australian Green clay, citric acid

    * indictaes Certified organic ingredients

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