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Chemically Coloured Hair 


Moving away from chemical hair colour is your first step to healthier hair.

The transition will take a little getting used to. Going organic is a lifestyle and this means we first need to change the way we do things. We are here to help with your transition!

Our hair colour ingredients take their time to grow in nature so keep this in mind when you are taking your 'ME TIME' to nurture and treat yourself. Take this time to do some relaxing, read a book, make yourself a pot of tea, watch a movie or take a nap. Whatever it is you choose to do to treat yourself, do it completely and thank yourself for doing it. Too often we forget to take time out so this is your chance to claim a moment of stillness.


At Desert Shadow we recommend you go with the flow and embrace your hair as you wish. If you would like to embrace it with colour here is a guide to help you choose the right shade. The lighter and closer you go to your natural color the easier it will be for you to maintain.You can play with the colours and use them to create highlights. Your imagination is the limit.

Where's your hair at?

click on the colour swatch below that best describes your hair.

Grey hair that has been

colored blonde

Grey hair that has been

colored red

Light hair that has been


Grey hair that has been

colored darker

Some facts


  1. Chemically treated hair can behave differently to untreated hair especially if it has been damaged during the process.

  2. Chemical colors typically work by 1. opening the cuticle of the hair, 2. removing the pigments, 3. imparting the new color, and then 4. closing and smoothing the cuticle to lock in the color.

  3. All off these steps involve a chemical process and repeated use of these colors and treatments can damage the cuticle of your hair causing it to become brittle, porous and susceptible to breakage.

  4. The condition of chemically damaged hair can be improved but the damage will not be reversed 100%. The only way to fix the damage is to have regular trims, use a regular hair treatment and let it grow out.

  5. Chemical hair colors should not be applied to the scalp or come into contact with the skin. Did you read that bit in the warning?

  6. A healthy scalp means healthy hair.

  7. Our colors can not lighten the hair as they conatin NO bleaches or chemicals that strip colour. You can however work with what you have got to get a great, long lasting color that shines.

  8. This color is not suitable for people who wish to bleach or lighten their hair in the future.


In summary : We need to approach chemically colored hair gently to make sure we treat it with love and kindness.

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